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Main Activities


SCC regularly offers opportunities to local people, to learn Chinese traditions and cultures, or participate in relevant social events / activities. Among them, the most popular activities include:

  • Teaching Mandarin language and Tai Chi, open to all residents;

  • Giving “Chinese Traditions and Cultures” topic presentations to schools and other communities;

  • Organising indoor and outdoor activities including sports, travel, camping etc;

  • Organising the celebrations of Chinese New Year, Middle Autumn Festival etc;

  • Hosting Open Days, e.g. writing residents’ names in Chinese, teaching Chinese cuisine etc;

  • Helping new residents settle down smoothly;

  • Helping build trust, understanding and social networks with other communities, and

  • Assisting to establish links between schools in Swindon and in China.


Management Committee


Swindon Chinese Community is a voluntary community organisation, run by volunteers.




Swindon Chinese Community currently has approximately 200 members, most of them are professional (e.g. engineers or scientists). No membership fee is charged currently.




Swindon Chinese Community is a non-profit organisation. The income sources of the organisation mainly come from:

  • Funding from Swindon Borough Council

  • Funding from Awards for All

  • Funding from The Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon

  • Funding or donations from other sponsors or companies

  • Donations by the members of the organisation

  • Other potential grants


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