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Swindon Chinese Community (SCC) is a voluntary community organisation. One of SCC’s objectives is providing children the opportunity to learn Chinese language, helping them understand Chinese Traditional Culture and Customs. SCC also provides opportunities to all of its members and local people, including vulnerable adults, in experiencing Chinese Traditional Culture and Customs.


All members of SCC have a responsibility to protect children and vulnerable adults from bullying or abusing. This requires that all members:

  • Treating all children and vulnerable adults equally with respect and dignity;

  • Requesting written parental consent if the child cannot be companied by his/her parent/s;

  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children;

  • Responding to concerns expressed by a child or vulnerable adults and reporting the concerns to appropriate officers;

  • Working safely and effectively with children;

  • Not smoking or drinking alcohol during all activities/events;

  • Not engaging in rough physical or sexually provocative games, including horseplay;

  • Not engaging in any form of inappropriate touching;

  • Not allowing children to use inappropriate language unchallenged;

  • Not making any sexually suggestive comments to a child, even in fun;

  • Not doing things of a personal nature for children or vulnerable adults that they can do for themselves.


Where there is a complaint against a member of SCC, there may be three types of investigation:

  • a criminal investigation

  • a child protection investigation

  • a disciplinary or misconduct investigation.


SCC will keep a record of the above investigation. 

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